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Sick (2020)

Comedy Pilot + Show Bible

A neurotic health inspector finds himself embroiled in a criminal conspiracy after accidentally busting a drug ring at a gentleman's club.


Ghost Pressure (2021)

Feature Screenplay

Marni investigates the disappearance of her estranged best friend as a series of strange occurrences turns her suburban town upside down.


Roaches (2020)

Comedy Web Series + Show Bible

Wes must cover his tracks when a high school prank goes horribly wrong in this stoner comedy. 


Junk (2021)

Short Film - Writer & Director

A surreal horror film that follows one man's downward spiral in the wake of tragedy.

Wild, Wild, Us (2020)

Short Film - Co-Writer & Producer


A picnic in the woods becomes an ethereal romp amongst nature as three friends struggle with their essential natures.

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